Top 10 Best Washing Machines In India (March 2020)

How Often Do we buy a Washing Machine? Once in 5 or 10 years Right? It is considered a long term investment and this why not only brings you a detailed comparison between ‘Fully-Automatic and Semi-Automatic’, ‘Front load and Top load’ but also discusses all the Important key factors that you should take care of when buying a washing machine. We also bring you a comprehensive list of the best washing machines in India (March 2020).

We recommend you to go through the Best Washing machine buying guide in the article. This will help you to get an insight and make a highly personalized choice for your own precise needs.

In case you are busy or short on time, these are our recommendations:-

Top recommendation for Fully-Automatic Front Load washing machine is:-

LG 8.0 Kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machine-FH2G6TDNL42 :- Fully automatic front load with excellent features The capacity of 8 kg with more Spin speed of 1200 rpm. In-built heater for deeper cleaning.

Top recommendation for Fully-Automatic Top Load washing machine is:-

LG 8 Kg Inverter Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine – T9077NEDL1:- 8 Kg capacity with 720 rpm speed. Has a smart inverter motor with an in-built jet-spray mode saving nearly 70% of water and 40% energy.

Top recommendation for Semi-Automatic Top Load washing machine is:-

LG 7 Kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine P7020NGAY :-  Contains helpful features like roller pulsator and collar scrubber that causes sufficient friction to clean collars and remove stains. It also boasts a 4-star energy rating.

How To Choose Your Ideal Washing Machine?

1. Top Load Or Front Load?

Comparison Between Top Load and Front Load washing machines

i). Top Load Washer

Top Load Washer


  • Less Expensive
  • Clothes can be added at the last moment.
  • More Convenient in case of a backache.


  • Fewer features
  • Harsher on clothes
  • Long Term Cost is Higher

ii). Front Load Washer

Front Load Washer


  • Cleans better
  • Less noisy to use
  • Gentler on clothes
  • Has much more features
  • Energy & water efficient


  • Higher Initial Cost
  • Less convenient in case of a backache.

Our Recommendation:- Taking into consideration all the pros and cons, if you are a bit tight on the budget you should go for a Top-load washing machine. If Budget is not a problem for you and you want long term savings, then it is better to go for a Front-load washing machine as it comes with many functionalities that come handy.

2. Capacity

Capacity is one of the major factors one should consider while making this long term investment. Choosing the right capacity can go a long way in saving lots of time, effort and money for you!

Let’s see what suits you best:-

For 1-2 members, 5K.Gs or less. For 2-3 Members, 5-7 K.Gs. For 5+ members, 8K.Gs or More

Our recommendation:- The right capacity also depends on the fact that how often you do the laundry. Even if you are using the washing machine for 1-2 members, it is advisable to go for 5-7 Kgs as you can wash more clothes in a single cycle saving you electricity, water, detergent and time! For the same reason, I personally use an 8Kg Top-Load washing machine even for a family of 4.

3. Automatic or Semi-Automatic?

If you are considering to buy a Top-Load machine, you can either buy an automatic or a semi-automatic machine.

The basic difference between an automatic and a semi-automatic machine is that the semi-automatic machine has a separate washer and dryer. Therefore, after washing the clothes you will have to manually transfer them to the dryer. This the reason they are very affordable and can be bought for 5-10k Rs.

4. Temperature settings

Some brands like LG and IFB support temperature settings up to 95-degree Celcius which becomes very helpful if you want to completely disinfect the clothes as most bacterias and viruses cannot live beyond 60-degree Celcius. In other brands like Bosch, the temperature can range from cold to 60-degree Celcius.

Most Top load Washing machines do not support temperature settings and have two separate inlets for hot and cold water.

5. Wash Programs

If you belong to a busy working family just like my family, then your first option would be an express wash feature that washes your clothes under 15 minutes. If you have a newborn baby or an adult with compromised immunity then you might want to consider the LG or IFB which support high temperatures in order to disinfect your clothes.

Features like wash delay can also come handy in a busy family as you can sleep after putting clothes in the machine and set a wash timer to get your clothes washed when you wake up in the morning. It totally depends on your personal needs, the features you want and the ones you can give up in order to find you perfectly suited Washing machine!

Best Washing Machine In India 2020

1. LG 8.0 Kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machine-FH2G6TDNL42

When We Talk about reliable home appliances, very few other brands are as good as LG. This 8Kg Washing Machine is a Marvel in the Washing machine industry and is best in the list of top best washing machines in India.

  • Has a Capacity of 8Kg which is enough for 5 people or more.
  • Supports smart diagnostic features.
  • 6-Motion Direct drive motor.
  • Touch Panel with Child Lock.
  • High-Temperature settings.
  • Amazing Build Quality.

The most amazing part of this LG washing machine is that it helps you to get rid of stubborn stains and allergens. The Heater heats the water up to 95°C and can remove any type of stain.

Because there is no use of belts and pulleys the Motor is directly connected to the drum, resulting in the least amount of noise and vibrations which further adds on to the durability of the product

Everything is connected to the smartphone these days and LG isn’t behind! It connects to your smartphone with the SmartThinQ app and can diagnose up to 86 errors which saves time and money on repairs.

It comes with a stainless steel drum that is rustproof and does not let any bacteria stay! Also supporting the Tub clean feature, heating the water to 85 degrees Celcius thereby disinfecting your tub completely.


  • Water and Energy efficient
  • Less Noise and vibration.
  • Waterproof Touch Panel
  • Inbuilt Heater
  • Child Lock


  • It can make a little noise while high-speed drying if placed on a stand.

2. Bosch Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine Model: WAK24264IN (7 kg)

Bosch is a brand that has never disappointed us with its new innovations in the washing machine industry. It has been leading the market with its high-class worksmanship and creativity. WAK24264IN is another such product that is hailed as one of its finest!

  • Has a capacity of 7Kgs which is enough for up to 4 people.
  • Capable of working with low water pressure.
  • Less power and water consumption.
  • Supports Child-Lock
  • Minimal Noise levels.

The Best part of this washing machine is that it has plenty of wash programs which are designed specifically for Indian customers and will suit all your needs. These include programs like Delicates program, Easy-care program, Whites and coloured program, Woollens hand wash program.

The Allergy Plus setting helps you to completely get rid of any residue of detergent keeping your skin free from any detergent related allergies. The monsoon program, helps you dry your clothes up to 10 percent faster, also removing the damp smell from the clothes.

Supports Quick wash and can wash your clothes well under 30 minutes. It works at 1200 RPM (Rotations Per Minute) which is very decent. Higher the RPM more is the drying speed.

Everything comes with some shortcomings and so does this washing machine. This washing machine comes with a water inlet pipe that is just 1 meter long. So you might need to invest some extra money in buying a water inlet extension pipe. There have also been some complaints about the service engineer (person who comes for the installation) not being well informed about the functions of the machine and delays in installation. It is still an amazing washing machine and if you can ignore these issues, you won’t regret buying it.


  • It comes with a 2-year complete warranty and a 10-year warranty on the drum.
  • Has A larger LED display than previous models.
  • Allergy Plus Feature keeps your skin healthy.
  • Works well on low water pressure too.
  • Eco Perfect Feature saves energy.
  • ActiveWater Feature saves water.


  • Delays in installation in some cities.
  • Comes with just 1-meter long water inlet.

3. IFB 8 Kg Fully Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machine – Senator Aqua SX

IFB has mastered the art of developing home solutions that fulfill your needs. From kitchen to laundry and to the bedroom. IFB’s Senator SX is one of the same masterpieces.

  • Has a capacity of 8Kg which is enough for 5 or more family members.
  • Enabled with Aqua Energie technology to remove water hardness.
  • It can be operated at a brilliant RPM of 1400.
  • More than a hundred wash care programs.
  • Handles High and Low voltage easily.

Senator Aqua X comes with many great features and a wide variety of wash care programs to choose from. The 3D Wash technology allows your clothes to soak and distribute the detergent evenly to minimize the wastage of detergent. The Cradle Wash takes care of your delicate clothes and removes stains without damaging them.

Aqua Energie is a unique feature that uses a built-in device to break calcium into minute crystals making the water soft for the detergent to dissolve completely thereby minimizing its usage. Combined with Air Bubble wash it becomes a beast in removing stubborn stains!

The Stainless steel drum comes with crescent moon grooves on the surface of the drum making a water cushion preventing your fabrics from getting damaged by repeatedly rubbing against the drum walls.

Senator Aqua X has a beautifully designed User-friendly LCD display making it extremely easy to use. In case you forgot to add some clothes you can pause the wash cycle and add the remaining clothes anytime.

Delaying the wash cycle is also very easy allowing you to delay your wash from 30 minutes to 24 hours making it convenient for busy individuals who want their clothes freshly cleaned when they wake up in the morning.


  • 4-year comprehensive warranty and 10-year spares support from IFB.
  • 1400 RPM ensures dry clothes faster.
  • Air bubble wash removes the toughest stains.
  • Aqua Energie built-in water softener.
  • Ball valve technology saves detergent.
  • Supports Child-Lock.


  • Liquid Detergent from IFB has a higher price. (You can use any detergent of your choice)
  • It can vibrate a little while spin-drying.

4. LG 8 Kg Inverter Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine – T9077NEDL1

As we mentioned earlier, talking about reliable home appliances, very few other brands are as good as LG. LG’s 8Kg Top-load T9077NEDL1 is in our recommendation the best top load machines available in the market.

  • Has a capacity of 8Kg which is enough for 5 or more family members.
  • Saves up to 40% energy and around 70L water per cycle.
  • Supports the Smart Diagnostics app.
  • Smart inverter motor.

The LG – T9077NEDL1 is a premium top loading washing machine, which is also the most efficient washing machine in this category. It saves upto 70L water and 40% energy with every wash cycle.

The machine comes with an extremely important Built-in Jet Spray+ feature with its powerful sprays saving you from scrubbing cuffs and collars before putting the clothes for washing. It also removes any extra dirt particles from the fabrics making them even cleaner.

3 Mini pulsators in combination with one main pulsator create vertical streams of water giving an even more thorough wash to the clothes, also mixing the laundry up and down repeatedly.

Its inverter motor is water-proof, does not get rust or corrosion, and is best in this category. The motor also adjusts the power consumption to optimum usage depending upon the wash settings saving even more electricity for you. The cherry on top is that you get a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty on the motor, which helps you in case of an unlikely problem.

Detecting any issues with the machinery is also made much easier by the LG’s Smart Diagnostics app which directly connects to the machine and tells you the exact problem.

The Tub-Clean function helps you to completely sterilize the drum from both inside and outside making it free from any residual bacteria which cause a foul smell in the machine.


  • It comes with LG’s Smart Diagnostic App.
  • Jet Spray+ feature removes dirt from cuffs and collars.
  • User-Friendly experience.
  • Saves energy and Water.
  • Lesser Noise.


  • Does not have an in-built water heater.

5. Haier 5.8 Kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine Model: HWM58-020S (white)

This is one of the most affordable and pocket-friendly fully-automatic top-load washing machines. It is also comparatively compact thus taking very less space and it comes with many cool innovative features.

  • Has a capacity of 5.8 Kg which is suitable for 2-3 members or bachelors.
  • 6 wash programs to wash a variety of fabrics.
  • Supports an RPM of 700
  • Rust free body.

Haier HWM58-020S is one of the best washing machine in its price range. With over 3200 customer ratings on amazon, it stands strong at 4.2 stars out of 5!

The washing machine has six washing programs, with different programs for cotton, synthetic, ECO, pre-wash, quick wash, daily wash, rinse and spin. Additionally, it has options for memory function, half-load, spin speed, rinse cycle and rinse hold, quick-wash, and drain.

It comes with a sleek, compact rust-free body making it durable and saves space too. The machine supports a Quadra-Flow System which makes cleaning clothes much faster and gives better results. The Drum is made up of Stainless-steel adding on to its durability.

The Memory feature resumes the washing process right from where it has left in case of a power-cut. It features a unique double-level spin tub ensuring a lower level of abrasion for the delicate clothes at the bottom, whereas the holes on the upper part drains out dirt and residue. The machine also supports a delay timer from 30 minutes to up to 24 hours.

The downside is that it lacks a motor-pump to drain out the wastewater so you will have to make sure that the level of the water outlet pipe is lower than that of the machine.

Haier (HWM58-020S) comes with a 2-year comprehensive warranty and a 5-year warranty on the motor.


  • The memory feature automatically resumes the laundry.
  • Good customer feedback and ratings.
  • Compact Rust-Free body.
  • Very Affordable


  • No motor pump to drain out the water.
  • Lacks Temperature settings

6. Bosch 6.5 Kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine – WOE654WOIN

Bosch 6.5 Kg WOE654WOIN is a pretty good option for a family of 3-4 members. It is not only an extremely beautiful washing machine but is also very durable and effective.

  • Capable of working on low water pressure.
  • Toughened-Glass soft-closing lid.
  • Dynamic water-flow system.
  • Supports an RPM of 680.

Bosch 6.5 Kg WOE654WOIN comes with PowerWave Wash System which is a combination of the innovatively designed pulsators, dynamic waterflow system, and intelligent drum movement giving you the most amazing wash results with minimum fabric damage.

It is equipped with a Magic filter enabling it to remove all the fluff and lint, helping your clothes stay cleaner. 8 versatile wash programs make it an all-rounder in handling different kinds of fabrics.

The Soft closing lid makes it much more convenient to close the lid by slowly lowering it down preventing any damage or noise. The glass used in the lid is also toughened and can withstand heavy weights.

The tub clean feature makes it easier to keep the drum clean and prevents any mould build-up. There are 8 water levels which can be selected according to your own requirements. One-touch start button allows the machine to automatically sense the load and select the appropriate wash program.

Dual dispenser allows you to select between liquid or powder detergent and also increase its solubility. It comes with safety features like a child-proof lock and automatic tub stop when the lid is lifted. Bosch 6.5 Kg WOE654WOIN has a product warranty of 2 years, and 10 years on the motor.


  • Toughened glass lid prevents damage.
  • Thoroughly cleans the clothes.
  • 8 wash programs for all fabrics.
  • Operates silently.


  • 680 RPM is lesser compared to other washing machines (higher the RPM drier the clothes are).

7. LG 6.5 Kg Inverter Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine – T7581NDDLG

LG 6.5 Kg (T7581NDDLG) comes

  • 6.5 Kg capacity is suitable for 3-4 members.
  • Supports LG’s Smart Diagnostic app.
  • Supports an RPM of 700.
  • Minimal noise levels.

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